Friday, June 1, 2012

Randomness? Or Hearing a Call?

Kip and I had the good fortune to meet this gentleman last night. His name is Steve Jacoby and he is walking from Prescott, AZ to Washington DC to "combat whistle blower reprisal, fraud, waste, and abuse by executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you want to you can read more on his site. We were able to visit with him a little and enjoyed our meeting. 

Here's where the randomness comes in: Kip always has a meeting on Thursday nights. I always have my friend's daughter for a day of crafting and cooking. Kip didn't feel like going to the meeting so he came home for diner instead. Since I knew Samantha had dress rehearsal for her upcoming recital, I planned nothing for dinner (well, popcorn was the plan!). Kip suggested going out and I asked if he wanted to use our gift cards to the Olive Garden. He said he didn't feel like driving over there but would still like Italian food, so I suggested a locally owned place. On the way there we saw this gentleman sitting on the bench at a bus stop. Kip commented "I bet that guy has a lot of interesting stories to tell". He had a sign with him that has his website listed. We went in to eat and Kip looked up his site on his phone while we were waiting for our food (because we are both nerds, that's what we do). After we ate Kip said he wanted to find the guy and contribute something to his cause. We managed to find him and learn a little more about him. Kip and I both came away feeling our lives had been enriched by meeting this man. We also talked about how random it was that we were even together on a Thursday night, that we chose that part of town to eat and that we happened to see him along the way.